First Class TinKnocker, LLC sells the most reliable heating and air conditioning systems on the market. We have excellent relationships with our manufacturers, ensuring we get optimal pricing and rebate notifications. Which we pass along to you, our valued customer! All of the systems we install are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to service and operate.


We have many brands and systems to choose from and we’re here to help you with what’s absolutely best for you…a system you can live with now, grow with later on.


System Options for Unlimited Comfort

  • Zoning to heat and cool parts of your home on demand when desired;
  • Programmable thermostats so you are not wasting energy when no one is home;
  • Humidification;
  • Variable speed control to help you maintain temperature and humidity levels right where you like them


Ductless Split System


If your home has no ductwork, and you are looking to heat or cool a room, a ductless split (also known as a mini-split) is an efficient, quiet, safe, and flexible solution.


What is a ductless mini-split system?


A ductless mini-split heat pump or A/C is comprised of two units: a compressor/condenser located outside the home; and a small, attractively housed evaporator/blower located inside.


When is a mini-split preferable to a central ducted system?

  • When an air conditioning system is being added to an existing structure
  • When a room is being added to an existing house
  • When it is desired to heat or cool a single room in a house
  • When you have a home office, man cave or other room with individual heating or cooling needs.
  • When you are interested in the highest efficiency air conditioning and heat pump system. (except geothermal)



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Check out some of the heating and cooling systems we have recently installed:

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